LiuGong Halves Inspection Times with Mountain Leverage Voice Solutions

The UK-based location of LiuGong, a construction equipment manufacturer, decided to deploy a new voice-guided inspection solution in partnership with Mountain Leverage. Since deployment, LiuGong has seen increased productivity, improved worker safety, and halved its inspection times.

How Health Checks Keep Your Voice System in Top Shape – Mountain Leverage Webinar 1/31/24

We’ve seen many of our voice customers wait and wonder for months, sometimes years, if there’s something holding their workers and workflow system back from being as efficient as possible. But it can be hard to know what to look for!

High Tech in West Virginia

Innovation can sprout from anywhere – not just in Silicon Valley or metropolitan areas. Mountain Leverage is the leading provider of voice-enabled workflow optimization solutions for the supply chain industry. Learn how our humble roots in rural West Virginia have shaped us into a unique and culturally ardent company best equipped to support the hundreds of customers who rely on us.

A Word About Voice-Enabled Workflows

Ecommerce growth rates continue to rise year over year, even after the massive jump of 2020. Leveraging yesterday’s tools and processes for today’s realities is an invitation for competitors to gain a foothold and shift the customer preferences. As e-Commerce continues to grow at this robust pace, the case for voice-enabling the selection processes in your DC are too compelling to ignore. Want to learn how you can stay a step ahead of competitors?

2023 Holiday Guide to Supply Chain Trends

The holiday season isn’t all tinsel and tidings – supply chain leaders are growing more aware of the impending stress coming at them in the new year. Now is the time to make business decisions that will set your operations up for sustainability and scalability over the next few years, no matter what comes your way.

Today’s Operations Trends: A Quick Look

Are you up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape of warehouse productivity? Even if you have the time to keep up with industry trends, it can be difficult and exhausting to sort through dozens of articles daily to keep up with the speed of developments. That’s why we pooled our knowledge and resources to identify three major operations trends right now with information on how to be proactive about them.

Do You Have the Supply Chain Data for Farm to Table?

If you process, pack, distribute, or supply wholesale foods, you need to review the Food Traceability List to find the food products that are required to show their path from farm to almost table. Mountain Leverage has been designing supply chain solutions that report on this data in meaningful, actionable ways for decades.

“Right-Sizing” in the DC – Questions to Ask Before Layoffs

Staying on top of headcount while still running at maximum productivity is the key to success. Replacing all laborers with robots and automated technology isn’t feasible or necessarily responsible, but you can give workers the tools they need to perform better, faster, and smarter, making them into more valuable assets to your organization in the long run.

Improving Maintenance and Inspection: The Case For ML Voice

Ask any fleet manager the value of having every tech doing a M&I process the exact same way every time and they’ll give you different answers on why it’s valuable, but they’ll all agree on one thing: the value of process adherence is enormous. With improved efficiency, operational insights, and less time and money lost to safety incidents, a Mountain Leverage M&I voice solution can help you reach your goals.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Voice System: 4 Quick Tips and Tricks

Consider the repetitive nature of your warehouse workers’ shifts: sign in to the voice system, do what the voice system says, sign out for the day… It’s easy to breeze through the motions. When basic disciplines are lost over time, not only does worker efficiency decline, but you can see a real financial impact for your business.

Unlocking Your Warehouse’s Full Potential With Ascend

In today’s fast-paced world of warehousing and logistics, staying ahead of the curve requires efficient, adaptable, and integrated solutions. At Mountain Leverage, we understand the unique challenges businesses face in optimizing their warehouse operations. That’s why we offer the Ascend solution, a powerful offering that combines versatility, integration capabilities, and advanced workflow optimization to drive productivity and prepare businesses for automation in the future.

Navigating New Horizons: Voice In The Age Of Shipping Limitations

The Panama Canal is currently experiencing the lowest water level in over a century, heavily limiting shipping access. Is your warehouse or distribution center prepared to meet global supply chain challenges? In this blog, we take a look at how voice can help you stay agile and responsive to supply chain issues that are out of your control.

Our Most Successful Voice Customers Dedicate Someone As Their In-House Voice Expert

So you’ve implemented a new voice solution in your warehouse or distribution center and are looking forward to the savings it will provide. But what do you do now to take full advantage of it and make sure your investment pays off to the fullest?

Your IT Team Will Thank You for This New Workflow Solution

We hear it over and over again – supply chain leaders have had to stay on their feet throughout these last few years of market disruption. Under pressure and facing uncertainty, it may be easy to put off big projects out of fear of losing the time and resources you need for day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, sticking to the status quo may be your most risky and expensive option in the long-run.

Just What the Voice Doctors Ordered – How Health Checks Can Enhance Your ML Voice System

When you start working with Mountain Leverage to implement or support your voice system, we are committed to keeping your system and crew operating at peak performance. That’s why, in addition to the expert services of our 24/7 support team, we offer on-site health checks.

Why Shop the ML Store?

So you’ve just realized that your warehouse or distribution center is missing voice accessories or equipment that your employees need to achieve their highest productivity. You could submit a purchase order, wait for a quote, and then hope that everything arrives in the next few weeks…. or, you could order from the Mountain Leverage Store and enjoy the following benefits: