Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ Maintenance & Inspection

Voice System for Maintenance & Inspection

Maintenance and Inspection (M&I)

Voice systems for Maintenance and Inspection are deeply rooted in manual data collection, which takes valuable time and allows room for error in transferring data from the collection point to the data storage system. Streamlining and automating the workflows within a voice application eliminates the need for manual input while adding the ability to create reports and track productivity.

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Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ Aerospace

Aerospace Voice Picking Solutions

The Aerospace industry has a unique set of challenges due to the safety protocol and regulations set forth by the FAA. Streamlining safety measures to ensure accuracy and efficiency has become the industry standard.

Mountain Leverage offers an array of aerospace voice picking solutions to meet the demands of the industry through the application of voice software in Maintenance and Inspection, inventory tracking, parts picking, and beyond; resulting in higher accuracy rates, faster onboarding, and more efficient reporting.

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Automotive Industry Voice Picking

Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ Automotive

The automotive industry is up against the seemingly impossible demands of today’s consumer. The standard of instant and affordable gratification expected in today’s market has created challenges within automotive logistics operations that demand automated and streamlined workflows.

As process experts, Mountain Leverage has successfully implemented workflow strategies that address the unique challenges of automotive industry voice picking such as sequencing for raw material delivery, OEM, serial number capturing, and even streamlined voice applications in maintenance and inspection.

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