Mobile Voice Directed Picking

Mobile Apps

Today’s younger generation entering the workforce was born with mobile technology at their fingertips, resulting in an emerging workforce that is actively engaged and most productive when using the latest technology.

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Mountain Leverage’s mobile voice directed solutions can be applied through most mobile and Android devices and offer an ergonomic solution that is smaller and lighter than tradition warehouse products.

Mountain Leverage helps distribution centers maximize the skills of today’s workforce by assessing where processes can be strategically streamlined through the application of mobile voice directed picking and voice picking apps.

Supervising on the Go


VoiceSupervisor allows your frontline floor leadership to control the voice system from a tablet or mobile phone. It’s a “must have” for supervisors and DC leaders with execution responsibilities.

Designed for use with all Vocollect Voice systems, the VoiceSupervisor app allows you to:

  • Create and manage operators
  • Manage voice devices
  • Message operators directly from your mobile device
  • Create and assign team
  • Monitor operator dialog

Visit the Android or Apple app store to download Mountain Leverage’s FREE mobile app, VoiceSupervisor.

"Thank you, Eric, for getting me all set up with [VoiceSupervisor]. This is such a great tool. I went out to the warehouse right after I got off the phone with Eric, and one of my replenishment guys had an issue with voice not understanding him. So I was able to help him almost on the spot. I also love the feature that I can send people messages from the App. It makes hunting down the employees that much easier. I can also send them pats on the back if they are doing a great job. I was able to play with it a little bit but I am sure I will find a lot more positives as I play with it some more. Great App. This is very helpful in my everyday management of the team.”

Warehouse Manager

"Your team is incredible. The knowledge that Katie and Eric had of our operation from our limited discussions continues to amaze me. Eric only visited our facility for 1 day, 3 years ago, and Katie has never set foot in here. They listened extremely well, challenged us on our choices, but always conceded to our ultimate wishes. Katie always asked questions that triggered great operational discussions. They delivered everything we requested and designed in the manner we expected it to work. Is it any better than that?"

Distribution Manager after switching from Lucas Voice to Mountain Leverage Voice

Perfect addition to our voice software. Allows us to make changes and support our pickers on the fly without the need of carrying a laptop. Great job Mountain Leverage!

Warehouse Manager