Our Most Successful Voice Customers Dedicate Someone As Their In-House Voice Expert

So you’ve implemented a new voice solution in your warehouse or distribution center and are looking forward to the savings it will provide. But what do you do now to take full advantage of it and make sure your investment pays off to the fullest?

At Mountain Leverage, we handle developing all three components of a new voice solution: software, hardware, and process. Once everything has been designed with your specific site and needs in mind, our white glove implementation process gets everything set up and running perfectly, with no interruption to your short-term bottom line.

Because Mountain Leverage delivers a complete and integrated solution, a good comparison might be that of a car, with each part tailored and relying on the other parts to function optimally. And just like a car, the better care you take of your voice solution, the more effectively it will run. So, what can you do to keep your voice solution working at peak performance?

Why a Voice Expert Matters

The key to successful voice usage is to have someone (or a team of people, for companies with multiple sites) assigned as your voice system project lead. This could be an IT employee, a trainer, or someone else entirely, depending on what works best for your organization. Having a voice lead at each site means that everyone knows exactly who to turn to when there’s a question or issue.

In our car analogy, the expert is the mechanic who knows the car inside and out. And like paying attention to dashboard indicators, a voice lead can also regularly check on passive system health to ensure that things are in good operating order. When something isn’t working perfectly, you’ll be able to catch it before it becomes a larger issue that impacts business. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

Additionally, a dedicated voice lead can keep processes running by the book, saving you time and money. Something we often see at sites experiencing a drop-off in productivity over time is a breakdown of best practices, particularly with new hires. Without oversight, workers learn from other workers and poor practices gradually spread. Having a dedicated voice lead to train new employees and be the source for standard operating procedures keeps everything aligned. Nobody likes paying to have their steering aligned, but it beats replacing the tires every six months!

The Bottom Line

For a large company with multiple sites, having a dedicated internal voice system project lead working with site personnel can make a night and day difference in the value voice provides. Even at smaller sites, adding a few extra responsibilities to an employee involved in oversight can be an easy change with great return on investment. Whoever your expert may be though, they’ll have the full backing of the Mountain Leverage team and our decades of voice experience.Ready to learn more about the benefits of our Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ solutions? Contact us to schedule a free discovery call.