Pick Faster from Farther Away with New Wearable Ring Scanner

In a busy distribution or fulfillment center, time is money. Every fraction of a second you can shave off of completing an order saves your organization money by improving labor efficiency and customer satisfaction. If your workers need to scan during their picking process, they probably consume valuable seconds per pick trying to get close enough to the barcode to scan it fully.

Critical VMware Vulnerabilities and Data Security Risks – What You Need to Know

Recently, a security researcher identified a number of major software vulnerabilities with the potential to cause serious harm to VMware users. Knowing our customers and partners rely on many programs and systems, the Mountain Leverage technical support team is here to help answer your data security questions.

Reducing Training Costs and Time With Mountain Leverage Voice

If you’re considering implementing voice technology in your warehouse, you might be wondering how difficult it is for workers to make the switch. This makes perfect sense, as lost productivity from a new system hurts the bottom line and pushes back the return on investment. Fortunately, Mountain Leverage voice solutions offer three significant advantages over both traditional picking methods and other voice providers.

The Ecommerce Market Share Keeps Climbing — How Are You Handling The Pressure?

    Earlier in the year, many pundits talked about a steep decline in retail eComm activity following the massive growth during the pandemic years. But that isn’t what’s happening now.  The headline: Online retail sales growth may have slowed…

Pressure At The Pump – Can Our Voice Solutions Help Mitigate Rising Fuel Costs?

Fuel prices go up and down all the time, sure. But with diesel well on its way to six dollars per gallon or more, businesses everywhere are facing unprecedented costs. Along with rising inflation and difficulty sourcing goods from around the world, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. Where to start?

Honoring Sacrifice: Reflecting On Memorial Day With Veteran And Mountain Leverage Ceo And Founder Alex Reneman

With Memorial Day just around the corner, we sat down with veteran and Mountain Leverage Founder and CEO Alex Reneman to hear his reflections on the holiday, how his upbringing shaped the direction of our company, and the impact of his service on our core values. To Alex, Memorial Day is all about honoring sacrifice; something he strives for in every aspect of life. 

Jog My Memory – What To Do When Your Server Backs Up

Nobody wants to start their day with a call from IT, but not getting a call at all and finding out there’s a server problem impacting workflow is even worse. Having your server close to home is helpful for many reasons, but it can sometimes be a hassle as well. What should you do when you get that dreaded call from IT, or when something breaks?

Connecting The Dots — The Effects Of The Pandemic And Russia’s Invasion On Your Operational Costs

Between rising inflation, labor shortages, and the inability of production to keep up with commodity demand, it can feel like a terrible time to be in an industry that relies heavily on the global supply chain. What can the pandemic and Russo-Ukrainian War tell us about where the supply chain is headed and more importantly, how can we be prepared to rise to the challenge?

How Multilingual Voice Picking Saved a DC’s Peak Season During a Labor Shortage

When a pool supply company had just eight weeks in a summer to make enough revenue to last the rest of the year, but they couldn’t find qualified employees to make it happen in their warehouses, they pushed their search for workers further and wider and came across an increasing population of willing workers who don’t speak English.

Three Ways Voice Transforms Maintenance And Inspection

Voice can be just as powerful in industries, such as maintenance and inspection, where technicians perform vehicle checks in hard-to-navigate locations and still need an efficient way to record data. Mountain Leverage helps M&I shops automate and streamline processes through voice solutions.

Voice Picking Headsets Can Be Safe, Noise-Blocking, And Comfortable

As part of Mountain Leverage’s support offerings, we provide the industry’s easiest process to purchase new and official brand accessories for your voice system through our online store. When you’re in the market for new headbands, consider your options to provide the most comfortable and durable head pieces for your voice-picking team members.