Mountain Leverage Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ technology
has the versatility to meet the needs of any industry

Whether you need to adhere to government regulations or respond instantly to consumer demands, we have the right solution for you

Food and beverage warehouses face unique challenges, such as managing expiration dates and compliance with federal regulations, making efficient operations and accurate data especially critical. Mountain Leverage’s food warehouse voice picking solutions extend the existing warehouse management system to increase productivity while decreasing expensive errors.

With consumer demand growing for fresh, refrigerated, and frozen goods, logistics optimization is more important than ever. With durable, comfortable voice equipment that outperforms any other picking technology in extreme temperatures, Mountain Leverage’s cold storage workflow solutions streamline existing operations to help warehouses be more productive and energy efficient.

Healthcare warehouses not only have to manage FDA certifications and regulations, they also have to handle reverse logistics. Mountain Leverage has a proven track record of implementing voice picking solutions for the healthcare industry to help place serial and lot controls while improving accuracy.

Logistical excellence is the key to staying ahead of the competition in the rapidly evolving world of e-Commerce. Mountain Leverage’s electronic voice picking system allows employees to concentrate fully on the task at hand, increasing accuracy and fast-tracking the transition between orders.

The manufacturing industry is driven by lead times and inventory management.  Mountain Leverage’s voice-guided manufacturing solutions help you deliver parts more efficiently, while providing immediate feedback to leadership to facilitate critical decision making.

Maintenance and inspection processes are deeply rooted in manual data input and task tracking, which takes valuable time and allows room for error. Mountain Leverage has successfully implemented voice applications for automotive suppliers and fleet services,  automating tasks and providing insightful, real-time data visibility.

In any industry, people are at the heart of your operation. Our voice solution experts will ensure your team members have a safe, productive, and engaging experience.

Mountain Leverage’s voice-guided solutions prioritize the employee’s experience while exceeding order fulfillment and productivity needs. After implementing voice, distributors, manufacturers, 3PLs, and logistics organizations see:

  • Improved worker performance, resulting in fewer errors
  • Faster completion rates and the ability to rise to industry demands
  • Increased labor retention, decreased turnover costs, and more operational savings
  • Safer and more thorough task tracking, providing greater data visibility
  • Happier employees who are more likely to perform well and stay longer

Partner with the voice technology company that has a history of success making meaningful labor improvements in your industry. You’ll feel like our team is an extension of yours, working together seamlessly to improve the way your team and your business operate.