Our Culture

Who cares about ML Culture?

Our Culture

We spend a great deal of time discussing our culture here at Mountain Leverage — what it is, what it isn’t, how it’s cultivated, where improvements are needed, why it’s essential, desired outcomes, and more! We often focus on how we, the employees of Mountain Leverage, can flourish. And that’s really great…if you’re an employee of Mountain Leverage. But why does it matter to anyone whose email doesn’t end with @mountainleverage.com?

Three fundamental beliefs have helped shape why we think our culture matters to you:

  • Our purpose at Mountain Leverage is Life Elevated, Peak Performance…this purpose drives our every action- both internal and external.
  • We firmly believe how we behave and who we are in one area of our work permeates all other areas. Meaning how we, as employees, treat each other often informs how we treat partners, suppliers, prospects, and customers.
  • We also believe that the context of an organization is critically important. Like water becomes a gas when it boils and a solid when it goes below the freezing point, individuals respond and change according to the environment in which they exist.
PACT Compass Square

Enter the Mountain Leverage P.A.C.T.

From our inception, we have worked to create an organizational environment where our employees flourishand ultimately share that flourishingwith our customers, suppliers, partners, and communities. You will never have to question if a Mountain Leverage team member is trustworthy. We stand by our commitments and communicate openly and honestly at all times. We are a partner you can trust.

Our culture matters to you because the PACT or covenant outlined below, the one we hold with each other internally at Mountain Leverage, is extended to you and every stakeholder with whom we engage, including prospects, customers, partners, suppliers, and more.


We refuse to limit ourselves to “we’ve always done it this way or that way”, and instead of constraining outcomes, we search for true peak performance, internally and externally. As a partner and customer of ours, we will stretch with you, beyond the typical, to find the best possible outcomes for your organization.


Balancing for Possibility, we must be responsible for the results of our efforts and ensure outcomes are positive and significant. Make it count, and be counted. Our impact and positive outcomes should be clear and evident to our customers and partners.


A true champion is not only great at their craft but also endeavors to elevate the rest of the team alongside them. You won’t find the traditional ping pong of responsibility often found in times of crisis. With Mountain Leverage Championship, your win is our win, and we stick with you through to the finish line and beyond.


We have a firm belief in the reliability, truthfulness, and strong ability of one another. Trust is the bedrock for the entire covenant in all our relationships.

Do you share our values?

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We’re always looking for like-minded go-getters to join our team. If it sounds like you’d flourish within the context of our company culture, view our current open roles and learn more about how we live out our P.A.C.T. through our comprehensive benefits.

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Our Core Concepts

Our Core Concepts were created collaboratively to outline and promote the values that were already present in much of the team. Founder Mindset, Warrior Spirit, Industrial Ingenuity, Artisan Perspective, and Farmer Virtue are values and traits that we see one another carry out in our work every day, internally and externally.

Mountain Leverage Cares

Mountain Leverage Cares is the dedication of Mountain Leverage to help wherever we can, whenever we can.

Unleash Tygart

Unleash Tygart, Inc., is the charitable arm of Mountain Leverage. Based in our headquarter city of Grafton, West Virginia, Unleash Tygart was born out of our founder and President, Alex Reneman’s, passion to have a positive impact on the community that raised and shaped him. Recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 charitable organization, Unleash Tygart’s mission is to identify and address the high level deficits in the community where Mountain Leverage is located and the surrounding areas. For more information, email heather@unleashtygart.org.