LiuGong Halves Inspection Times with Mountain Leverage Voice Solutions

The UK-based location of LiuGong, a construction equipment manufacturer, decided to deploy a new voice-guided inspection solution in partnership with Mountain Leverage. Since deployment, LiuGong has seen increased productivity, improved worker safety, and halved its inspection times.

LiuGong, a global leader in construction machinery manufacturing, sought out Mountain Leverage and UK-based partner Dakota Integrated Systems to streamline their quality assurance and inspection processes in Portsmouth, England. 

The result? Significant savings in time and costs, allowing the company to look ahead to global expansion knowing they have full customer and employee satisfaction covered. 

“We are delighted to have worked alongside Dakota and their partners Mountain Leverage on this exciting, revolutionary and forward-thinking voice-enabled maintenance and inspection project. Not only have inspection times been halved and our workers are now much safer, and we have also achieved a streamlined method of sending timely and accurate inspection reports back to China, as well as ensuring 100% compliance with industry standards. The far-reaching benefits of voice mean that the system has basically paid for itself.” – Steven Ford, Managing Director at LiuGong UK

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