Voice Integrations for Warehouse Systems


Leaning on nearly three decades of supply chain experience, we craft each solution with peak performance in mind.

Scalable, Flexible Solutions for Operational Efficiency

Whether you need a seamless integration with your existing WMS, an easily configurable cloud-based connection, or a fully customized voice system from start to finish, our experience and capabilities will get you the right solution for the right outcomes.

Mountain Leverage has designed voice system integrations for over 30 different WMS, ERP, and other system interfaces, including:

Unlock More WMS Power with Mountain Leverage Ascend™

Labor performance data is often buried in WMS and ERPs, or it’s difficult to identify trends and meaningful data points to help you take action. Connecting the dots between warehouse workers, voice software, and your DC’s host system, Mountain Leverage’s Ascend™ middleware uncovers valuable insights such as worker productivity, picking accuracy, and inventory alerts in real-time so you can make the right decisions for your operation’s success.

Our independently-designed Ascend™ solutions provide:

  • Rich data visibility to improve worker performance and take immediate action
  • Easy to read dashboards and ability to print/export data
  • Real time data transfer between end users and host system
  • Virtual machine, delivered faster than any traditional product install, and without a heavy IT team lift

As someone with a long history of working with different vendors globally, I can say that ML is a world class vendor. Their team members work diligently, pricing is fair, and the results are consistently good.

SAP Programmer