Navigating New Horizons: Voice In The Age Of Shipping Limitations

The Panama Canal is currently experiencing the lowest water level in over a century, heavily limiting shipping access. Is your warehouse or distribution center prepared to meet global supply chain challenges? In this blog, we take a look at how voice can help you stay agile and responsive to supply chain issues that are out of your control.

Updated 8/26/23 to reflect continued worsening conditions

Between pandemic and war, the global supply chain has faced one challenge after another in the past few years. The latest problem? Extreme weather. A severe drought in Panama is forcing officials in charge of the Panama Canal to reduce the weight of loads navigating the shipping channel, with some cases seeing as much as 50% less capacity!

As the Panama Canal is the cheapest way to get goods from Asia to the US East Coast, that reduced capacity is already reverberating across global supply chains. Experts predict the situation won’t improve any time soon, meaning businesses need to prepare for item shortages and increased shipping costs. The price of shipping goods from Asia to the East Coast has been rising steadily and could soon be twice the price it was in 2015.

Mountain Leverage specializes in optimizing workflow solutions, not resolving global climate issues. So, how can our Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ voice solutions help with events in Panama and around the world? Here are three key areas:

  1. Enhanced accuracy: With the cost of shipping rising and the availability of items falling, it’s more important than ever to make sure every single order that leaves your warehouse is accurate. Our voice-directed picking solutions enable workers to navigate warehouses effortlessly, leveraging voice commands to retrieve specific items quickly and accurately. With increased precision, the risk of errors is drastically reduced, saving you the high cost of reshipment, returns, and restocking. 
  2. Adaptive workflows: Mountain Leverage’s voice solutions offer the flexibility to adapt workflows dynamically, allowing businesses to respond swiftly to changing shipping conditions. In the event of altered cargo arrangements, route adjustments, or item availability, tasks can be automatically adjusted, minimizing disruptions and optimizing efficiency.
  3. Quick ROI: The supply chain doesn’t just move fast; it changes fast, too. Waiting years for a major investment in automation to pay for itself before it even begins generating profit isn’t an option for most businesses. Our voice solutions provide a fast and reliable ROI in as little as a few months, allowing your business to grow even in the face of supply chain challenges.

The reduced weight allowance in the Panama Canal poses significant challenges for businesses that rely on global trade. However, with the right technologies in place and a trusted team of industry experts at your beck and call, these obstacles can be overcome, and your business can continue to grow. Mountain Leverage creates custom voice systems to provide a comprehensive solution to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and adaptability in the face of supply chain disruptions. 

Interested to see how much a Mountain Leverage voice solution could be saving you? Check out our Voice Savings Estimator. And when you’re ready to chat, reach out for a free discovery call.