How URM Stores Saw 22%-28% Productivity Gains by Focusing on People

When optimizing their entire operations, food and grocery distributors turn to Mountain Leverage for robust voice solutions that prioritize productivity, customer satisfaction, and the employee experience. Read more in this case study from URM Stores, Inc.

When the pandemic resulted in supply chain disruption and labor shortages, regional food distributor URM Stores knew it needed to eliminate any process inefficiencies and create an incentivizing employee experience.

The only way you have good people in your warehouse is to keep your people. You keep your people by making sure you give them the right tools, the right training, the right everything. That way, they’re leaving work feeling accomplished, not finishing a shift frustrated and mad. – Josh Leech, Director of Warehouse Operations for URM

If you’re a leader at a grocery or beverage distributor or wholesaler, implementing a voice automation solution can elevate experiences for your customers, your team, and yourself. Learn more about achieving outstanding outcomes and peak productivity with Mountain Leverage.