See Voice Picking From First Person Pov

by QUINN EDGELL, Communications Lead

Many studies report that voice is a worker-preferred pick technology. Companies report quicker onboarding, decreased turnover, and a more satisfied workforce. But why?  Enhanced ergonomics?  A feeling of empowerment and accomplishment?

In February, we paid a visit to our customer Bluestar in Kentucky to find out why.  But we didn’t just ask questions.  One of their shift supervisors, Jordan, let us strap a camera to him so that we could experience warehouse voice picking firsthand.

In the industry’s first and only “First Person POV Picking” video, you can experience everything exactly as a selector does. Watch Jordan:

  • sign in
  • pair equipment
  • download assignments
  • travel from pick to pick
  • confirm location & quantity

Ready to watch? Click the link below for the full video.