Faster Training Is Here With The Ml Listening Kit

Setting up a new voice-enabled workflow means bringing multiple departments together to achieve a common goal of optimizing operations through new technology adaptation.

Partner Story: Listening in Action

During a recent voice stand-up at a distribution center in Portland, the operations and IT executives were gathered with the training manager to sample the picking activity in their production environment. Using Mountain Leverage’s Listening Kit, all of these stakeholders could see and hear the dialogue interaction during the picking process, giving real-time data, understanding, and training to the entire site management team. 

Paired with Mountain Leverage’s VoiceSupervisor application, the Listening Kit provided a valuable tool to drastically improve training time. The training manager was able to use that information to confidently represent the benefits of the voice-picking solution throughout her organization after having shadowed a picker.

Faster Training, Better Results

Mountain Leverage provides more than just voice-picking technology. We offer white-glove installation and ongoing world-class support, including customized on-site training and additional resources like our Listening Kit, available for purchase online, to support your internal training processes.

Mountain Leverage’s Listening Kit promotes faster training with our Hands-Free, Eyes-Free technology by allowing more people to listen to what the picker hears and says, so you can bring a whole team up to speed in less time.

With a Listening Kit, you can gain valuable insight into an employee’s performance and provide real-time feedback by listening live to your employees’ voice-picking instructions. Without compromising on time, training your team can go from a generic requirement to a purposeful performance and development opportunity. 

Get Started with the Kit

Purchase the kit in Accessories Express, Mountain Leverage’s online store, and watch the video with our training expert, Eric, to set it up step-by-step.




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