Three Upgrades You’Re Missing If You’Re Still Using Rf Scanners

Three Upgrades You’re Missing If You’re Still Using RF Scanners

Still using RF scanners? Have you considered the switch to voice-directed picking but don’t know where to start? Find out how using voice technology could make three tangible differences in your distribution center.

  1. Keep safety the priority – as it should be. When you don’t have to look down at a clipboard or scan a barcode, you can keep your focus on maneuvering safely. Our Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ voice-directed picking solutions ensure your team’s physical safety, prevent distractions associated with traditional picking systems and attract new employees who are looking for a safe and healthy workplace.
  2. Tap into the strengths of your employees. If your workforce is made up of the younger generation, you’re in luck! Generation Z brings a unique edge through their technology prowess and aptitude to learn and start the job quickly. With voice technology, you can give them tools to thrive by automating instructions and responses and only needing a fraction of the training time that traditional RF technology would need. In a work environment where it’s already hard to find and keep hard-working, dedicated employees, voice solutions can help streamline processes and boost productivity for all workers.
  3. Meet – and beat – your operations and customer service goals. At the end of the day, you need more than the technology that your employees want – you need what will actually meet the needs of your customers and cut costs at your distribution center. Voice picking improves accuracy because it removes variables that can lead to user or system errors and eliminates the time spent on clicking buttons on scanners, which means you’ll be able to fulfill orders more quickly and with fewer mistakes.

Are you ready to elevate your environmental safety, employee performance and operational excellence? We take the time and have the industry expertise to help you determine the right voice-optimized technology and holistic solutions for your operations. We’re ready for the conversation. Let’s get in touch.


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