The Safest Picking is Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™


Employee safety is always a top priority, but the benefits of a safe workplace don’t stop there. Safety issues can create many “hidden costs” that can be a profound drag on company bottom lines.

Consider the financial effects of workers’ compensation claims, employee absenteeism, and hiring temporary workers. Focusing on a safe work environment is also a great way to attract and retain employees, who are increasingly expecting a safer workplace.

Our Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ automated warehouse picking system helps ensure your team keeps their heads up and their eyes on their work. Mountain Leverage’s extensive knowledge of creating highly efficient warehouse supply chain workflows delivers enhanced throughput, fewer errors, and healthier bottom lines. And because we are also experts at identifying potential areas of risk inside your facility, we can also help mitigate threats of injury and keep safety at the forefront of your operation.

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I can now keep my eyes focused on the task at hand.