Voice Picking Integrations for SAP

Voice Picking Integrations for SAP

We support our customers using a wide range of SAP systems, including SAP WM, EWM, IM, and SAP CRM. Mountain Leverage has developed creative ways to minimize the impact and changes required to SAP when enhancing warehouse operations. This reduces project risk, timelines, and ultimately cost. 

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Examples of solutions Mountain Leverage provides include:

Voice Picking Technology

Implementation of voice picking technology with little or no change to existing transactions in SAP

Stand-alone warehouse execution system

Stand-alone warehouse execution system customized to your processes to add capability to SAP at a fraction of the cost

Mountain Leverage offers SAP voice to help recapture lost warehouse control

If you are currently using RF mobile transactions with voice via SAPConsole or ITS (Internet Transaction Server), we can provide an implementation that will give you the advantages of voice with little or no modifications to the existing transactions currently used with your RF system.

If you lost some of the optimized control of the warehouse processes when you switched to SAP but don’t want to spend large amounts of money for the needed SAP customizations to regain those optimized processes, we can help. We can provide a stand-alone warehouse execution system that can be easily customized to optimize your processes without the need to customize SAP.

Recent projects for our customers and partners who have tapped into our SAP expertise include:

  • Web services via SAP PI (SAP Process Integration)
  • Mobile Data Entry (MDE) transactions via SAP ITS (Internet Transaction Server) or SAPConsole
  • RFC interface with IDOCs and BAPIs

The team at Mountain Leverage has an extensive skill set, with SAP integration being an area our staff has been deeply involved in for over 20 years.

As someone with a long history of working with different vendors globally, I can say that ML is a world class vendor. Their team members work diligently, pricing is fair, and the results are consistently good.

SAP Programmer