Voice Picking Technology

Case Order Picking System

Case Order Picking System

Many warehouses are confronted with the problem of inefficient full case order picking, often to a conveyor, pallet, or another large container. Progressive operations can increase pallet density and decrease the potential for damage or loss during shipping by utilizing voice technology. Selection accuracy is another primary concern. Even a small error rate can be expensive in terms of lost goods, additional shipping costs, administrative costs, and failed service levels with the customer- all of which need to be considered when determining the cost of a picking error.

This countdown feature is a big benefit and going to really help me with the larger pick quantities that I have in my assignments.  Huge benefit for us as a picker allowing me to focus more on the product being picked, and less on the quantity.

Full Case Picker

A well-designed case order picking system, such as one designed by Mountain Leverage, can help to achieve these goals with a solution that is tailored to the needs of the unique operation. The picker is guided through the warehouse in an efficient path. He/she is told what product to pick and where to put it. The identity of the product, the quantity, and the location on the pallet can all be confirmed by the pick by voice system. This can all be done in a Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ setting, so the picker can focus on getting to the next location and picking the product with both hands free and without distraction.

The result is a process that is faster and more efficient, but also much more accurate than conventional picking techniques.