Reduce Training Time and Promote Efficiency with Voice

Reduce Training Time and Promote Efficiency with Voice

Experts project a single turnover can cost a warehousing operation up to 150% of the departed employee’s annual salary.

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Combining exit costs with lost productivity, increased supplemental help to cover the shortage, a costly talent search, and onboarding, turnovers are expensive with a long-range return on investment. It is imperative for continuity to reduce the amount of turnover and increase the speed at which newly hired employees are trained and brought up to speed. In addition to turnover, it’s critical to get seasonal workers up to speed fast. During peak seasons, you can’t wait for your team to spend weeks training.

Voice-enabled workflows require substantially less time to train than other picking processes, and Mountain Leverage’s team creates robust training plans to get new team members trained and picking faster, frequently in less than one shift. Further, voice picking solutions improve warehouse accuracy, are user-friendly, and easy to set up for new users. Workers typically love voice picking solutions! At Mountain Leverage, it is our goal to get your team working at max capacity as quickly and safely as possible.

I was nervous to make the switch from paper to voice. Now that we've made the switch and I see the results- you cannot argue with results. We have gone from 90 days down to 5 days on a training period. We have increased our productivity by 30%. We have increased our accuracy performance, which was astronomical. For a picking warehouse, people would be crazy not to take a look at voice.

Frozen Warehouse Manager