No Minute Wasted – Efficiency And Time Optimization With Voice Picking Technology

No Minute Wasted – Efficiency and Time Optimization with Voice Picking Technology

Every second counts when you’re behind on orders, short on staff, and facing higher than ever expectations from management around accuracy and throughput. Do you know where your seconds are going? It takes:

  • 10 seconds to pick up a clipboard, find your spot on the page, write your numbers down, put the pen and paper away, and move the picked product
  • 5 seconds to pick up an RF scanner, wait for it to scan barcode, confirm it scanned correctly, and place the scanner down to pick up and move the scanned product
  • 3 seconds to hear a number and respond with a confirmation number with Mountain Leverage voice picking

If your productivity is in question, consider whether your technology is slowing you down. 

Voice Picking Uses Time Efficiently

Mountain Leverage voice picking time advantages include some of the fastest methods of picking in the majority of warehouses because there is no wasted motion from carrying a handheld picking device, turning around to look at screens or lights, pushing buttons, or writing out the picking workflow.

With time sensitive voice picking solutions, the picker hears a prompt, proceeds to pick the assigned product, responds to confirm they have picked it, all with their hands free to handle the product and eyes free to focus on the assignment.

There is also no lag time in between tasks because the voice dialogue automatically goes to the next assignment based on the picker’s response. As soon as an employee confirms they have selected the right item, they immediately receive their next task and can get moving without waiting for a screen to adjust or taking time to handle paperwork.

“I was nervous to make the switch from paper to voice,” a frozen warehouse manager said. “Now that we’ve made the switch, you cannot argue with the results. We have increased our productivity by 30%. We have increased our accuracy performance, which was astronomical.”


Time Management in Training

Training on the Mountain Leverage voice picking dialogue takes hardly any time at all because employees simply say numbers or everyday commands and responses such as “Ready.” There’s no sequence of lights or buttons to learn and memorize, so your onboarding and training process won’t hold you back from getting employees up to speed and fulfilling orders quickly.

“Training with voice takes 1/10th of the time it took with RF systems,” said a Director of Fulfillment and Logistics for an East Coast distributor. “We can get someone fully trained in three days. The old RF system took 2 weeks. You can bring in new hires and turn them over pretty quickly.”

How much time can you save in your warehouse by switching to time optimization voice picking solutions? Our team has decades of experience helping distributors, wholesalers, manufacturers, and 3PL firms transform their operations by improving productivity and reducing costs. Book a free discovery call with our experts to learn more >



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