Three Ways Voice Transforms Maintenance And Inspection

Three Ways Voice Transforms Maintenance and Inspection

Voice-directed solutions are often associated with warehouses, and for good reason — distribution and fulfillment centers running on voice typically see the greatest ROI than they would with any other system. 

Voice can be just as powerful in other industries, though, such as maintenance and inspection (M&I), where technicians perform vehicle checks in hard-to-navigate locations and still need an efficient way to record data. Mountain Leverage helps M&I shops automate and streamline processes through voice solutions.

Mountain Leverage worked with DeCarolis Truck Rental (now Penske), a cross-country fleet company and NationaLease partner that inspects and repairs vehicles at a center in New York, to boost productivity and cut training time through voice technology. 

Here are three improvements DeCarolis has seen from adopting Mountain Leverage’s VoiceCheck, a system to perform their Preventative Maintenance (PM) process using voice: 

1. Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ inspections are more thorough. 
  • Inputting data with your voice means you never have to leave your work area or take your hands off the job to record your notes on paper or a device. Our voice solutions literally talk you through tasks, and you respond with answers to voice prompts, allowing you to focus even more on the quality of your work.

The greatest impact right now is being paperless. We no longer have to have someone print PM sheets and then another person file completed PM sheets.” – DeCarolis Operations Support


2. PM times are faster.
  • When you don’t need to stop, print, and reread instructions, you can get your work done more efficiently. Voice-directed workflows for inspections eliminate extra, wasted motions that increase PM times. Plus, training on voice takes less time than teaching manual data entry and how to use complex handheld devices, so techs get up to speed faster.

“PM times are improving as the techs get comfortable with using VoiceCheck. It helps keep them on task having the steps told to them vs keeping track on paper.” – DeCarolis Operations Support


3. Real-time data provides better visibility for customers.
  • Mountain Leverage’s voice technology records as much detail as you want and integrates with any system so customers get valuable updates when they need them. Improved visibility means improved customer service and satisfaction.

Our future goal is to utilize the time information to gauge tech efficiencies and gather information for future training needs,” DeCarolis said after implementing VoiceCheck.


Mountain Leverage goes beyond providing hardware and software to make voice work in your M&I operation. We work with you to design a custom voice workflow to increase efficiency and gather the information your customers need. 

Learn more about Mountain Leverage voice-directed maintenance and inspection solutions by messaging us today. 


Our experience working with the Mountain Leverage team was great, especially Jeff! He is attentive, knowledgeable and helped keep us focused and on task while we handled our other day to day tasks.
Operations Support, DeCarolis Truck Rental, NationaLease Partner