“Talkman, Wake Up!” And More Commands A Voice-Directed Warehouse Picker Says Everyday

When picking errors are on the rise, customer satisfaction is dropping, and employee safety is in question, it may be time to reconsider your picking technology. 

If you’re taking up your employees’ hands and focus by making them carry around cumbersome scanners, tablets, paper instructions, or clipboards and pens, you’re bound to see worse metrics in accuracy and productivity than you would with a more automated solution such as voice technology


How does voice technology work?

A picker at Company ABC starts her shift by picking up her mobile computer, (a small device worn on a belt or clipped to a forklift) and Bluetooth-pairing it with her designated wireless headset, which includes an earpiece and a small microphone. 

After pairing the devices, the picker logs onto the system verbally by speaking into the headset something like, “Talkman, wake up.” The voice system analyzes the warehouse’s assignments for her shift and begins to issue them through verbal commands, including which aisle or bay to visit, how many pieces to pick, and which set of check digits to say to ensure she’s at the right location.



Here’s how a typical voice-picking dialogue might go:

Operator: “Talkman, wake up.”

Voice System: “Welcome to the Company ABC system. Current operator is Jenny. Ready?”

Operator: “Ready!”

Voice System: “Go to B-104. Say right check digits.”

Operator: “956.”

Voice System: “Pick 3.”

Operator: “3.”

Voice System: “Task complete. Go to C-123. Say left check digits.”

Operator: “Talkman, sleep.”

(The headset stops receiving data while in sleep mode. The picker asks her supervisor a question before returning to her task.)

Operator: “Talkman, wake up”

Voice System: “Go to C-123.”

Operator: “454.”

Voice System: “Pick 2.”

Operator: “2.”

Voice System: “Task complete. Go to A-28.”

(Operator continues tasks.)


More benefits of voice:

Easier data analysis = issues addressed in real-time

Mountain Leverage’s voice systems automatically record picking data and track them in dashboards that help warehouse managers detect problems or improvements. The voice system records what is spoken into the system, so it can help supervisors analyze overall and individual performance and productivity. 

Faster, simpler training = happier employees

Since you don’t have to learn data entry or carry around instructions that take up one of your hands, voice picking is easily the most intuitive, streamlined, and safest method of picking in a warehouse. Warehouse workers are typically more engaged and happy at work using Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ technology that is quick and easy to learn

Want to know more about how Mountain Leverage’s voice solutions could help automate your warehouse? Send us a message today.