Robotic Order Picking Integration

Robotic Order Picking Integration

Logistics and supply chain is an industry of constant change, but it is also true that the underlying principals of maximizing efficiency stay the same.

In few areas is this more true than the application of technology in the warehouse. 20 years ago, Mountain Leverage was helping develop the leading edge of the newest technology to revolutionize efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse…voice picking.

Now, we are using the experience acquired in that time to enable the latest game-changer for the supply chain space…robotics order picking integration.

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Remove the unproductive parts of the workflow...

Optimization of the warehouse has always focused on maximizing the amount of work the site can do while maintaining accuracy and lowering cost. These are parameters that fit perfectly with the new breed of robots coming to market.

Mountain Leverage’s experience of directing workers and optimizing their workflows means that we have been able to lead the way into robotics and dovetail automated work with the human worker.  By doing so, we can remove the unproductive parts of the workflow for the worker and focus workers where human skills are required.

Change is
the new normal.

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Implementing robotics requires skill in integrating multiple systems, managing and seamlessly synchronizing processes, and real-time control and visibility – all of which are core competencies for Mountain Leverage.  Robotic processes need to “fit in” to all the other workflows going on at the same time in the warehouse. Getting the most out of this integration requires real-time control and visibility, something that Mountain Leverage’s Vocalist software suite provides.

Robots span a range of complex behaviors, from simple pallet movers to more intricate and specialized piece pick robot arms.  Getting the best from each of these designs requires a true understanding of how to optimize and streamline warehouse processes. Fortunately, this is exactly where Mountain Leverage’s experience in supply chain operations and highly developed software systems shine through.