Reducing Training Costs and Time With Mountain Leverage Voice

If you’re considering implementing voice technology in your warehouse, you might be wondering how difficult it is for workers to make the switch. This makes perfect sense, as lost productivity from a new system hurts the bottom line and pushes back the return on investment. Fortunately, Mountain Leverage voice solutions offer three significant advantages over both traditional picking methods and other voice providers.

Venturing Into Charted Territory

Voice technology isn’t some scary new thing; today’s workforce already uses voice technology in their everyday lives! From asking Siri or Alexa about the weather, to sending emails with speech-to-text, we are all surrounded by voice technology. By giving your workforce access to tools that are already familiar and intuitive to them, you’re making their job easier and more efficient.

(Want to learn more about workers’ familiarity with voice? We have a blog about that too!)

Keeping An Eye On Things With VoiceSupervisor

When you first think about using voice technologies, you probably think of listening and speaking. After all, voice is literally in the name. But did you know Mountain Leverage’s voice solutions can also be seen?

Our VoiceSupervisor application runs on any screen you happen to have handy, from laptops, to tablets, to phones. VoiceSupervisor displays a transcript of audio being given through a headset, making it the perfect training tool for managers to keep in their back pocket. Any number of employees can follow along and literally see how voice works.

VoiceSupervisor also allows trainers to check in on employees who might be having an issue and see where things got tripped up. As another benefit, the program allows you to send messages right to workers in real time – no more tracking people down for specific tasks or instructions!

Pocket Picking Guides

One of the most significant advantages of Mountain Leverage voice solutions is that every implementation is tailored exactly to your needs. This extends beyond just designing the system, it also means every training is completely individualized. When on site, we make sure all shift leaders, IT personnel, and others involved in the voice system have a complete understanding of their personalized voice solution.

Even after the site visit, you’re still in good hands! We work hard to create specialized pocket picking guides as reference sheets for new workers to get them up and running in just a single shift. Each pocket picking guide we create will precisely include the prompts, commands, and site information individualized for the customer.

Mountain Leverage offers hands-on highly specific training. Every voice system is tailored to the client, so the training is too.”

Steve, ML Sales Engineer

Interested to learn more about how Mountain Leverage can help cut down on training costs and lost time, while giving workers technology they’re excited to use? Schedule a free discovery call today.