Pressure At The Pump – Can Our Voice Solutions Help Mitigate Rising Fuel Costs?

Fuel prices go up and down all the time, sure. But with diesel well on its way to six dollars per gallon or more, businesses everywhere are facing unprecedented costs. Unless you deliver local newspapers via bicycle, you’re stuck relying on trucks to keep the supply chain moving and your products coming in and out of the door. Along with rising inflation and difficulty sourcing goods from around the world, everyone is looking for ways to cut costs. Where to start?


Graph of on-highway fuel prices showing dramatic increases

Cutting Costs

Many people start their cost-cutting journey by thinking about major overhauls they can implement. Should they replace their entire fleet with electric vehicles? Maybe they can replace 50% of pickers with robots? What if they commission a new supplier to make their parts for cheaper? 

While these solutions have their place, they require a lot of time – a few years at least – and there’s always uncertainty if the solutions will even pay out eventually. These changes additionally typically interrupt operations during implementation, which ultimately disrupts the flow of goods and revenue. If the business can’t survive implementation of a new cost-saving measure, it’s not really cost-saving!

Many folks are even wary of making smaller changes. Why make changes that aren’t going to single-handedly solve the larger problems? Plus, there’s still the problem of disrupting operations to implement new systems. So, what do smaller changes offer that larger ones don’t? The answer is simple: rather than taking risks on sweeping changes, more and more operations are turning to reliable solutions with quick return on investments (ROIs).

Mountain Leverage Voice Offers Fast, Reliable, ROI

Reliable solutions with quick ROIs are one of the many advantages Mountain Leverage’s Hands-Free Eyes-Free™ voice solutions offer. With decades of industry experience, our experts are confident in their ability to provide a fast ROI  – often a matter of months, rather than years. And what’s more, voice is quick to learn for your workers, since the technology is intuitive and already familiar to this generation of workers.


Worker adaptation to voice technologies is roughly one day depending on the size of the facility. I just came back from an implementation with nine workers and it only took a few hours to get them up and running with voice.”
Eric, ML Voice Solution Consultant

One of the leading reasons Mountain Leverage is so reliable in delivering a quick ROI is our commitment to getting to know you and your needs. We recognize that operations can rarely be improved with a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we design and implement the right-sized technology, whether it’s a fully customized, front-to-end install or an out-of-the-box, turnkey solution.

Why Does It Work?

Voice is a cost-effective solution that offers instant results. While paper-based and RF picking are prone to human error, picking with voice is 99.99% accurate. Fewer errors means that every truck is loaded with the right product every time, which saves diesel on costly trips. And despite being more accurate, voice doesn’t require you to sacrifice valuable warehouse time –  even during the implementation process.

Freeing up space in your budget with the things you can control makes it easier to address the things you can’t control, like outrageous diesel prices. Ready to make a reliable and quick ROI change in your warehouse or distribution center? Get in touch with our experts today.


Comparison showing that Mountain Leverage can save up to $600,000 per year