Picking, Packing, Inspecting, And More Voice Solutions By Mountain Leverage

Warehouses of all sizes and kinds rely on Mountain Leverage to help solve problems through voice picking solutions built around their unique needs. We’re with you every step of the way, from understanding your pain points, designing solutions just for you, implementing a combined hardware and software solution that meets your needs, and providing continual 24/7 support as a true partner.

What is Voice Picking?

Warehouse voice picking technology refers to our Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ customized voice system, which literally talks a warehouse picker through a process. The worker interacts with the voice system by confirming their actions and indicating they are ready for the next step. The worker hears and responds to interactive voice cues using a lightweight headset, which is attached to a small, wearable voice computer.

Benefits of Voice

Voice-optimized solutions can:

Why Mountain Leverage?

We have the industry’s most seasoned warehouse advisers, top-class support team, and world-ranked trainers in voice picking solutions and products.

However, more important than products we offer and our areas of expertise is our company culture and the PACT that grounds and guides us in all of our work and interactions. We take seriously our role in making a difference for you, your employees, and your customers and others who rely on you, which is why the same PACT we hold with each other internally at Mountain Leverage is extended to you.

“I called your team Wednesday night, and 24 hours later, we already have a game plan in place, a scope of work in the mix, and someone flying here in two weeks,” says the Director of Fulfillment and Logistics at an East Coast distributor who recently worked with Mountain Leverage to solve an urgent need amid a labor shortage. “Voice is a tool. What makes the system successful is not the software – it’s you guys. I don’t have this kind of relationship with any one of our suppliers.”

“Voice technology, in itself, you can get from another source. At the end of the day, Mountain Leverage and the brilliant minds at play make it successful. You take away that element and it’s not as successful,” he says. 

Start the conversation about how Mountain Leverage voice solutions can transform your organization. Book a free discovery call today. 


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