Our Story

Mountain Leverage is the cumulative result of the voice market’s top, most experienced talent coming together and forming an unparalleled team of people-centric, outcome-driven industry experts.

How We Became the Voice of the Industry

Early History and Voice Technology’s Evolution

Voice recognition technology has been applied in distribution centers for over 30 years, and Mountain Leverage team members were in the drawing room. Carrying forward the excellence of Vocollect™ voice solutions, our current roster includes technical and sales leaders from the original voice manufacturer, as well as teammates who have worked across many voice market suppliers and ultimately found their home with Mountain Leverage.

Centuries of Combined Experience

After our acquisition of Speech Interface Design in 2021, Mountain Leverage emerged as the most seasoned team of voice solution designers, developers, implementers, and support engineers in the supply chain automation industry.

Giving a Voice to Those Around Us

Our foundational culture propels us to extend our excellence in innovation and dedication to outstanding outcomes to the communities we call home. 

Mountain Leverage Cares

Leveraging our mobile app and product design experience, we serve local communities through our charitable app development initiative, Mountain Leverage Cares. Learn more and submit your app idea here.

Unleash Tygart

Based in our headquarter city of Grafton, West Virginia, our nonprofit arm, Unleash Tygart, aims to identify and address the high-level deficits in the community where Mountain Leverage is located and the surrounding areas. For more information, email heather@unleashtygart.org or follow Unleash Tygart on Facebook

Elevate Your Career with Us

We are building something amazing here, and we’re always looking for amazing people to join the cause. If you want to elevate your professional experience with a company dedicated to helping our customers, partners, employees, and communities flourish, apply today.

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