No End in Sight for Labor Shortages

With labor shortages plaguing businesses left and right, are you prepared to keep your warehouse or distribution center running at peak performance?

Winter storms aren’t the only thing in the air these days – there’s also the looming issue of labor shortages. Part of the problem is that no one seems to know how long or when the labor shortages will begin to clear up, with some experts suggesting that this might be a chronic issue for years to come, if the labor market ever recovers at all. With all the uncertainty, it’s more important now than ever before to make investments that will help your warehouse or distribution center react to labor market fluctuations without disrupting business. So, how can Mountain Leverage voice solutions help you do that?

Making Training a Breeze

We recognize that while training is necessary, it can often be a major time demand on supervisors with lots of important things to handle. Newer voice equipment resolves the template training time necessary in older models, allowing new workers to pick up and go right away. Furthermore, voice is easy to learn and understand – workers are already familiar with voice technology from their day-to-day lives! With tools like VoiceSupervisor and our listening kit, it’s easy to see where a worker might be having an issue and quickly help them resolve it. 

Keeping Turnover Down

Mountain Leverage voice also helps keep worker turnover down, which can be one of the most crucial aspects in determining the success of your labor force. Our Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ technology is far safer than traditional RF scanners, meaning employees can keep their eyes up and focused on the task. Along with creating a safer and more comfortable environment for employees, our voice systems are available in over forty languages, so you can empower your employees to work in their preferred language.

“The workers were BEGGING to be the next to try it. One worker did a 2-pallet run on his training run and had a 438/hr rate!”

Staying Adaptable

The upshot of the benefits of voice is that they can all empower your warehouse or DC to be flexible, adaptable, and ready to react on the fly when the labor market fluctuates. Mountain Leverage voice prepares you to quickly and easily train workers, while providing them with many great reasons to love their job. Ready to learn how your warehouse can benefit from voice? Schedule a free discovery call with our experts today.