Multilingual Warehouse Voice Picking Solutions

Multilingual Warehouse Voice Picking Solutions

As warehouse experts, Mountain Leverage is always looking for ways to provide top-of-the-line voice-picking software that improves workflows and reduces costly errors.

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Over the years, we have noticed a growing trend of multilingual warehouses, where there are high concentrations of hard-working multinational employees whose first language may not always be English. To accommodate these employees and optimize warehouse operations, Mountain Leverage is proud to offer multilingual warehouse voice-picking solutions.

Each of the 50 voice dialogue languages Mountain Leverage offers can be programmed for each employee’s headset, which means languages automatically switch between shifts and workers and don’t require any additional training or start-up time. We support Honeywell and Vocollect task translation (VoiceArtisan, VoiceConsole) as well as Lydia voice technology.

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With our multilingual voice picking tools, warehouse managers can expect:

  • Fewer picking errors due to mistranslations or heavy accents
  • Consistency of process applications across the warehouse floor
  • Increased warehouse productivity
  • A higher-performing workforce empowered by having the tools to help them succeed
  • Faster start-up and training with automated voice translations for each employee
  • A widened hiring pool that’s not constrained to one spoken language

We were 12 to 15 workers behind, so we are thankful for an influx of Spanish-speaking employees who are looking for jobs. I can't take RF scanning to these new hires because I don’t have enough bilingual supervisors to train them, so we are implementing Latin American Spanish voice-picking. I couldn't do this with any other method.

Director of Fulfillment and Logistics