Mountain Leverage Offers Faster Turnaround For Fixed-Price A700x Compatibility Upgrade

Is Your Company Prepared to Sell the A700X?

Honeywell’s newly released A700X series operates differently than the A700 series, including new features and capabilities. There have also been platform changes, including a shift from Windows CE to Linux as well as an update to the version of Python used to run voice apps. These changes require modification of most existing voice apps.

Several new features require modification to the terminal’s “task” software. Now that the A700X series devices are shipping by default (including when an A700 series device is sent in for repair), the voice app will not run unless it has had the changes needed to make it compatible with the A700X series. In many cases, customers will be running a mix of both A700 and A700X series devices, so the voice app must be compatible with both. Mountain Leverage understands the time and resource constraints this will impose and therefore, has created a task update solution that we are making available to Honeywell partners.

Mountain Leverage Offers Faster Turnaround for Fixed-Price A700X Compatibility Upgrade

Mountain Leverage is one of the world’s leading developers and trainers for Honeywell voice solutions. For companies that prefer to outsource their task upgrades, Mountain Leverage is offering a complete fixed-price task update package to bring your Honeywell A700X terminals up to the new latest standard! Faster than ever, you’ll have completely upgraded solutions, and be ready to focus your efforts on problem-solving and adding value for your current and new customers!

Lower Your Risk. Buy Assurance from the Experts.

If your team does not specialize in writing VoiceArtisan code every day, code changes can take longer as familiarity is regained, and there is always the risk of losing time to complex debugging. Mistakes are inevitable and involve not only fixing the problems but also debugging a system that your team may not be familiar with.

Mountain Leverage has developers working with all types of voice applications every day, and we are confident that we can take any application, upgrade and test it, and deliver it back bug-free. We offer a full guarantee on the code so that if an error were to happen, Mountain Leverage would fix it for free immediately.

We’ve made it simple – just provide us with your code, and a short time later, we’ll deliver your fully updated and tested new A700X code along with a Mountain Leverage warranty and a full report on all changes that were made.

Mountain Leverage is standing by to help!

Mountain Leverage and Voice Beyond are voice experts and the company to turn to when doing any voice development work. We have deep experience in all voice application development, and can also expertly handle other voice-related changes, such as Taskbuilder to Artisan conversion or other changes and additions to existing voice applications. Let us know how we can help!

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