Workflow Execution and Integration

Achieve Peak Performance in your operation by deploying a new workflow execution solution faster than ever before.

When facing continued supply chain pressure, busy warehouses know they need to do something to adapt but don’t have time or resources to waste. Ascend™ by Mountain Leverage makes deploying a new workflow productivity solution easier, faster, and less involved than ever before. 

Agility to Scale Your Business

Ascend™ is cloud-based software that integrates an existing host system seamlessly with voice-automated workflows, providing all the benefits of a complex, custom-built voice picking system without the heavy IT involvement of standing up new servers and configuring workflows from scratch.

Highly flexible, Ascend™ can support user workflows on any type of device, from headsets and phones, to Android devices and tablets. Completely multi-modal, it can accommodate scanning, screen and voice input, while capturing audio notes and photos. 

Transform Core Warehouse Workflows

  • Building carts
  • Base picking
  • Automatic or manual work issuance
  • Skipping aisle/slot
  • Picking to containers
  • Lot (batch) validation/capture
  • Printing labels
  • Catch weights
  • Grouping work
  • Directing to/overriding delivery location
  • Location/item verification
  • Going back for shorts

Uncover Powerful Data Buried in Your WMS

The Ascend management console allows you to make informed and timely management decisions by reviewing useful and real-time intelligence about your labor performance and operational efficiency.