How To Stay Connected To Your Team And Flourish In A Remote Work Environment

Mountain Leverage has featured a geographically-distributed remote workforce for over a decade. In a recent company-wide survey, Mountain Leverage employees were asked to share their best tips and tricks to stay connected to one another and flourish while working remotely. Here are the top six answers:

  • Set up a dedicated workspace. Even when you aren’t leaving your house, it’s important to have a feeling of “going to work.” Setting up a dedicated workspace could mean converting a spare bedroom into an office, or it could be as simple as finding a quiet corner to set up a small desk. 
  • Establish a routine. Find what works for you to get yourself into a work mindset in the morning. Whether that’s taking time to exercise or meditate, eating breakfast with your family, or drinking a cup of coffee while you read the news, a solid morning routine will help you arrive at your workspace ready to take on the day.
  • Find the right task management tool. On the Mountain Leverage team, we utilize a variety of task management tools, including ActiveInbox, ToDoist,, Trello, and many others. Finding a task management tool that feels intuitive for you is key for keeping on track while working at home.
  • Utilize a variety of Slack channels. At Mountain Leverage, we use Slack for all types of internal communication, both personal and professional. We have channels for shared projects, industry news, product suggestions, and company announcements, as well as channels to share music we listen to, recipes we love, and any random personal news. This not only helps us communicate quickly and efficiently for work, but it also helps us stay connected on a personal level.
  • Turn cameras on for Zoom/Google meetings. Turning on your camera helps you stay engaged and focused on the meeting, and it also enhances communication by allowing others to see your facial expressions and body language. In a remote work environment, it can be easy to miscommunicate, and seeing one another face-to-face will cut down on misunderstandings.
  • Move your body regularly and intentionally throughout the day. In an office setting, it’s easy to get up and move throughout the day by walking over to a coworker’s desk to ask a question, going on a coffee run, or taking your commute on foot or bike. When working remotely, it can be easy to park yourself in one spot and not move all day. Set reminders to get yourself moving in between deep work sessions, so your body and brain can feel fresh all day.