How To Capture All Billable Hours For Clients

Whether they realize it or not, many warehouses lose significant amounts of money each year through uncaptured services, misplacing invoices, receiving chargebacks from unhappy customers, and wasting administrative time with manual data entry.

You may fall into that majority of warehouses if you find yourself asking these questions:

  • When was the last time we took a closer look at our billing and invoicing processes?
  • Are we really documenting and invoicing for all the services we provide?
  • How can we make sure our data is right when it’s stored in multiple locations (e.g. spreadsheets, different folders, or even hard-copy)?
  • How can we reduce the heavy administrative burden of manual billing organization?

Thankfully, there’s an easier way to capture all billable hours for clients with Mountain Leverage and EPG’s logistics billing software.

What is Logistics Billing Software?

Logistics billing software integrates seamlessly with your existing warehouse management system (WMS) to streamline all billing, invoicing, and contract management. 

With automated invoicing software for logistics, you won’t need to question where an invoice went or if you fully captured billable hours. All services are recorded and billed across all systems, including WMS, WES, ERP, TMS, and SAP integrations.

You can easily review and track all invoices and bills in the warehouse billing software portal, which displays each item line-by-line with drop-downs for more information.

Mountain Leverage and EPG’s logistics contract management software also is available in a mobile app, making it easier and faster than ever to add services on-the-go. 


Save Time and Money with Automated Solutions

Interested in automating your billing and contract management? Are you curious where else you may be able to save time and money in your operation? Mountain Leverage helps distribution centers, 3PLs, and other supply chain organizations of all shapes and sizes increase efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction through automated logistics technology and solutions. Message us today!


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