Are You Measuring Your Warehouse Accurately? Five KPIs to Track Real-Time

Five Real Time Warehouse KPIs

Warehouse picking key performance indicators can tell you what’s holding you back from peak performance, whether it’s a sluggish workflow that’s consuming time, employees who need more support, or a trouble spot where mistakes commonly occur.

What are the top warehouse metrics to measure?

  1. Real time productivity metrics
    • Monitor real time productivity at the facility, shift or user detail, to manage labor expectations against actuals and goals.
  2. Labor deployment
    • Monitor real time order processing to determine labor needs to comply with on time customer shipments.
  3. Cycle count processing and inventory accuracy
    • Monitor system/user generated cycle count results that are clear indicators of inventory accuracy at the bin/location level. 
  4. Order cycle time
    • Monitor orders or routes to ensure shipments are completed to meet dispatch times.
  5. Pick rate
    • Monitor real time pick rates to adjust labor deployment or identify additional training needs or requirements.

Key Performance Indicators Are Only Key If You Use Them

If you’re already tracking these KPIs, consider how much value they’re actually bringing you. If you have to wait until the end of the shift or week to analyze recent performance, you’ve already lost time. One huge benefit to voice-enabled warehouse technology is the live data and KPIs it provides so you can instantly fix problems or recognize areas of strength.

Mountain Leverage makes it easy to track performance indicators. Our real-time data dashboards deliver important metrics and warehouse KPIs at a glance. Detailed labor dashboards and reports provide supervisors and managers with the tools they need to measure, understand, and compare worker performance.

Real-Time Data in Real Life

One organization, a New England-based convenience food distribution center, uses Mountain Leverage voice-enabled workflow dashboards everyday to develop and empower their workforce toward peak performance in a way they couldn’t with RF scanning, paper-based picking, or pick-to-light, according to their operations analyst.

Voice helps us look into individual productivity because we can pinpoint who’s productive and who isn’t, and we’ve developed an incentive program around the information I extract,” the DC’s operations analyst said. Awarding monetary incentives can be a powerful way to use KPIs to increase overall productivity.

For example, this DC had a group of new hires join the company at the same time and started their work with a slow voice dialogue speed because they assumed they couldn’t keep up with anything faster — but they weren’t hitting their numbers. The operations analyst noticed that trend through real-time dashboards reporting their KPIs, so she decided to take a closer look.

“We observed their picking process, we sped up how fast it talked, they realized they could perform faster, and it increased productivity,” she said. “Once we had the visibility to show employees how they were performing, it created a culture of people caring more about their production numbers and demonstrating ownership of what we do.”

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