Empowering Excellence in Your D365 SCM Warehouse

D365 SCM users look to Mountain Leverage as the leader in voice expertise to deliver outcomes that dramatically impact labor, order accuracy, and efficiency. Learn more about Mountain Leverage’s exclusive Ascend™ voice connector and see how you could embrace a seamless voice-enabled warehouse.

You’ve taken the leap with Microsoft Dynamics365 Supply Chain Management to streamline your inventory, warehouse, and logistics management. But what if there were a solution that seamlessly integrated with D365 SCM, dramatically improving your operational efficiency, productivity, accuracy, agility, and safety?

Look no further than Mountain Leverage’s Ascend Connector + Microsoft D365. This powerful combo will streamline voice-enabling your operations. Benefit from accelerated integration and minimal changes to your D365 system. Seamlessly connect systems to edge devices, ensuring smooth operations backed by industry experts.

D365 SCM users look to Mountain Leverage as the leader in voice expertise to deliver outcomes that dramatically impact:

Labor: Finding and retaining today’s new-generation of workforce talent requires technology – they grew up with phones in their hands and are happy to make moves based on technology alone. Bring them onboard quickly with an average 85% reduction in training time, and keep them safer with a Hands Free Eyes Free™ environment, allowing them to maintain focus on their task.

“We have gone from 90 days down to 5 days on a training period. We have increased our productivity by 30%.”

-Frozen Warehouse Manager

Order accuracy: Voice enablement with Mountain Leverage bolsters an average 99.9% order accuracy. Picking accurately on the first attempt will not only save time but also prevent chargebacks, ultimately helping to save money and retain customers.

“You can focus on what you’re doing. It takes out the looking back and forth between the scanner and product.”

-Operations Analyst

Efficiency: On average, customers experience 20% gains in picks per hour and 25-40% faster piece picking vs. using paper processes or RF scanners. Compressing the time at the pick face also allows for a more productive, efficient, and happy workforce who are able to meet their incentives.

“All of our items get picked once, touched once, packed once, and it goes out the door a lot quicker than it used to with RF.”

-System Process Supervisor

“I can’t believe I have my two hands again. I don’t have to worry about having my hands full while trying to scan.”

-Warehouse Picker

Mountain Leverage’s Ascend™ connector for D365 SCM can seamlessly integrate with various edge devices such as mobile operating systems, dedicated voice-supported devices, and various host systems. Voice guided technology is ideal for customers on their path to automation, which could be future integration with AMR, Robotics, Vision, and other edge devices.  Run your software on premise or cloud-based, with a real-time data exchange. 

Ascend™ supports these core workflows, along with many others:

Enhance your D365 warehouse investment and optimize your operations with Mountain Leverage. Say goodbye to intense training periods, inaccurate orders, and low productivity. Instead, embrace a seamless voice-enabled warehouse that’s efficient, safe, and agile. Trust our expertise and let us help you elevate excellence in your D365 warehouse.