Dakota Reaches New Heights In Partnership With Mountain Leverage


MANCHESTER, UK — Dakota Integrated Solutions Ltd, a real-time data capture, printing, mobility and support solution specialist, is delighted to announce its partnership with Mountain Leverage, a global industry leader in voice solutions for logistics, warehousing and operations, and its UK-based entity, Voice Beyond.

Having recently become one of the largest voice solution providers in North America and with a growing presence in the EMEA market, Mountain Leverage and Voice Beyond serve companies of all sizes and industries with creative workflow consulting, advanced voice technology and customer-focused support.

The move comes as Dakota continues to make significant inroads into the voice sector within a variety of industries, building upon its recent appointment as a Honeywell Platinum Partner and the depth of knowledge shared amongst its commercial specialists around the functionality and usability of voice in order to achieve significant and tangible cost-saving and efficiency benefits within the supply chain.

The partnership will allow Dakota’s voice-driven commercial and technical activities to be further supported by Mountain Leverage’s wealth of technical acumen and the abilities of its consultants to support and underpin voice-based projects for both supply chain and maintenance and inspection applications.

Philip Jarrett, Commercial Director at Dakota, comments “With nearly three decades of experience within the voice sector, Mountain Leverage is the perfect fit for Dakota. This new partnership is of significant benefit to both companies, especially as we both have the same end goal in mind – helping our customers to achieve peak performance for picking and maintenance and inspection within their enterprise. The benefits of voice-directed technology are significant, including the increase of worker productivity by up to 35 percent and a reduction in errors by up to 50 percent.”

In a voice-directed system, operators use a compact, wearable computer with a headset to receive verbal instructions. The computer is connected to the host business system (ERP or WMS) over a wireless network and the operator is able to confirm his or her actions verbally back to the system in real time. The worker can perform their tasks safely, accurately and with great efficiency without the need to carry a handheld device or take their eyes off their work.

“With the combined voice solution expertise of Voice Beyond and Mountain Leverage, and now with Dakota’s broad range of data capture applications and integration capabilities, we are able to design, implement, and fully support the highest quality of voice solutions for distributors, inspection facilities and more logistical organisations seeking real, meaningful results,” says Mark Batchelour, Managing Director of Voice Beyond.

Offering a knowledgeable and consultative sales approach, Dakota is proud to offer a value-added service to its customers, providing recommendations and helping to select the right devices and technologies for its clients’ specific and diverse requirements.

To learn more about how Voice Beyond takes voice solutions beyond the traditional applications of voice-directed work, visit voicebeyond.com.

To learn more about Mountain Leverage’s unparalleled team of warehouse and workflow optimisation experts and broad portfolio of voice solutions, visit mountainleverage.com.