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Warehouse Cycle Counts

Voice order picking technology allows managers to easily transition from the traditional physical inventory count, which involves shutting down a facility or bringing people in during off-hours to conduct a count, to cycle counting.

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Physical inventory counts tend to be labor-intensive, tedious, time-consuming, and not always accurate.

In contrast, real-time voice cycle counting involves validating the accuracy of portions or all of the warehouse inventory on a continual basis, by counting a portion of the inventory at regular intervals. The frequency of these counts will be scheduled based on the velocity of the product as well as the value of the product – with faster-moving and more valuable products enjoying more frequent validation. Cycle count workflows are a routine element of our voice order picking technology solution and provide information on the type of product and the product location, as well as the quantity. Additionally, lot or serial numbers and expiration dates can be captured if needed without being encumbered by an RF scanner.

In many operations, particularly larger DCs, inventory validations are performed by specialized inventory control staff whose full-time job is to count product each day. Our Mountain Leverage voice team can interweave cycle-counting and physical inventory with other work assignments to maximize your worker efficiency and to aid in overall worker productivity, without the need to add an RF scanner to the workflow process.