Championing Our Customers In A New Way – Meet Jaime

At Mountain Leverage, we all take very personally our commitment to champion those who rely on us. That’s why each of our roles, anchored on our P.A.C.T. and people-first culture, ultimately comes down to being advocates for our customers.

One way we’re reinforcing that commitment is through welcoming to our team Jaime Probst, our Customer Champion. While each of us is responsible for supporting many stakeholders, Jaime’s role is uniquely focused on building and implementing programs that enhance our customers’ experience working with Mountain Leverage. 

“My priority is making sure you’re utilizing your products and services to the fullest extent and getting the absolute best value out of working with us,” Jaime says.

Part of Jaime’s role is to connect regularly with each and every customer, so be on the lookout for her messages and calls. In the meantime, here’s what Jaime wants you to know about her role and the future of Mountain Leverage’s customer experience.


Working with Mountain Leverage should always involve open, honest, two-way communication.

“We are here for your betterment! That’s why the A in our P.A.C.T. is for Accountability. We talk to each other internally with transparency and trust, and you should expect that same commitment and responsibility from us as well. If there’s ever anything we can do differently to make your life easier, we will make it happen. Call me, email us, speak up in a meeting.”


Your feedback is vital to the evolution of your service with ML.

“If we send out a survey or ask for your comments, you better believe we take that feedback seriously and do something about it! In the past, we’ve made real changes to how we help customers based on your responses. We’ve improved our online store experience, we’ve added more material to our support portal, we’ve developed new data reporting solutions and other offerings – all because you asked. So keep the suggestions coming!


Take advantage of new ways to learn about the full value of your ML solutions and partnership.

“We’ll send out ML news, product updates, industry headlines, surveys, videos, and more helpful resources from time to time so you’ll be the first to know about our new offerings that could optimize your operation even more. We promise we’ll never spam you and you can always adjust how often you hear from us, but we hope you’ll find the information we share with you is specially curated to be relevant and meaningful to you, our most valued customers.”


You can connect with Jaime on LinkedIn and by emailing her


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