How Voice Technology Opens Doors for Peak Productivity at American Woodmark

As demand for home renovation materials skyrocketed during the pandemic, fast and accurate order fulfillment became even more critical to cabinet manufacturer and distributor American Woodmark. Learn how Mountain Leverage’s voice solutions provide business scalability, improve performance, and elevate experiences for workers at American Woodmark.

LiuGong Halves Inspection Times with Mountain Leverage Voice Solutions

The UK-based location of LiuGong, a construction equipment manufacturer, decided to deploy a new voice-guided inspection solution in partnership with Mountain Leverage. Since deployment, LiuGong has seen increased productivity, improved worker safety, and halved its inspection times.

How Multilingual Voice Picking Saved a DC’s Peak Season During a Labor Shortage

When a pool supply company had just eight weeks in a summer to make enough revenue to last the rest of the year, but they couldn’t find qualified employees to make it happen in their warehouses, they pushed their search for workers further and wider and came across an increasing population of willing workers who don’t speak English.