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Mountain Leverage Voice Picking and Packing Solutions for Radial (formerly eBay Enterprise)

Formerly eBay Enterprise, Radial’s distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky, is a 3PL for retailers ranging in products from sporting goods to home cosmetics. This wide variety of clientele can present significant challenges to any distribution center using traditional picking systems and software.

When facing increased order volume during peak seasons, Radial’s old RF scanning processes were not cutting it. Radial needed to reduce picking errors, decrease the time it took to train new hires, improve overall safety, and find a more efficient packing process.

Radial worked with Mountain Leverage to build and implement a customized voice picking and packing solution that would optimize their performance while improving safety and cutting down on training time. After Mountain Leverage’s voice experts did a walk-through of the distribution center to understand the flow of work and better evaluate opportunity areas, Mountain Leverage’s developers crafted a voice-picking solution that met all of Radial’s goals.

“All of our stuff, it’s picked once, touched once, packed once, and it goes out the door a lot quicker than what it used to,” Radial’s Systems Process Supervisor said of the overall streamlining of processes from Mountain Leverage voice.

To be able to continue to fulfill orders during the implementation, Radial and Mountain Leverage implemented the new voice process zone by zone as more workers became comfortable with the process, which didn’t take long at all since the training time was reduced by up to 64%.

“We definitely have found that training them on voice is faster than getting them to learn the RF screens,” said the Radial Engineering Director. “Once you’re trained and can use the system, it’s more intuitive.”

Since the installation of the voice picking software, Radial’s accuracy has reached a best-in-class rate of 99.85%. With Mountain Leverage’s voice picking solutions, Radial was able to solve their peak season challenges and experienced a 25% reduction in errors.

“We achieved all the savings and more that we were looking for and the level of accuracy we were looking for,” said the Engineering Director.

We definitely have found that training them on voice is faster than getting them to learn the RF screens. Radial Engineering Director

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