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Automated Batch Picking

Automated Batch Picking

Save 40% – 70% picking time in a Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ manner.

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With the rapidly growing e-commerce environment, many supply chain operations face the challenge of a very large number of small orders to be picked and shipped from a big warehouse. In this typical setting, picker travel time can be a major factor in labor cost, consuming 40% – 70% of the picker’s total time spent working. By utilizing our pick by voice system to combine the batch picking of multiple orders into one simultaneous pass, you can deliver dramatic savings minimizing overall travel time and maximizing productivity.

There are many ways this can be achieved. For example, lightweight carts with multiple bins are effective for many warehouse settings. Or carton sizes can be predetermined based on the cube size and dimensions of the products to be picked. The picker can set up these cartons on a pallet or other mobile device and then pick several orders simultaneously.

Voice is definitely more accurate than pick-to-light and less cumbersome than RF picking.

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The automated batch picking can be ordered by our Mountain Leverage pick by voice system so the picker has the most efficient path through the warehouse, minimizing travel time.

This approach increases the efficiency of the selection process, while dramatically increasing accuracy as well. The pick by voice system directs the activity and makes it easy for the picker to confirm the correct part is chosen, the correct quantity is picked, and that both actions are being applied to the correct order. This is all accomplished in a Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™ manner so the picker can focus on moving goods from shelf to container without distraction.