Mountain Leverage Ascend™

Mountain Leverage’s Ascend™ solution translates WMS tasks into streamlined, optimized workflows.

Ascend™ simplifies optimizing distribution fulfillment operations doing the heavy lifting where the WMS leaves off

Available as either a cloud-based or on-premise solution, Ascend™ provides you with the power you need to make decisions that drive operational success such as:

  • Visibility into fulfillment operations
  • Insightful analysis of worker performance
  • Easy-to-read dashboards
  • Real-time updates between end users and host system
  • Adaptable integration minimizing the impact to your IT Team

“As someone with a long history of working with different vendors globally, I can say that Mountain Leverage is a world-class vendor. Their team members work diligently, pricing is fair, and the results are consistently good.”

– SAP Programmer

Ascend supports

Ascend™ gives you the agility you need to scale your business

It provides all the benefits of a custom-built voice picking system without having to make complex changes to your WMS or configure workflows from scratch, with features like:

  • Support for user workflows on most any mobile device 
  • Multi-modal capability that accommodates scanning, screen, and voice input
  • Real-time management console offers instant insight into your workflows and users
  • Receive immediate alerts for any critical issues, keeping you informed at all times

Whether you’re deploying on premise or in the cloud, Ascend™ is backed by our expert professional services and support.  Our experience gives you the agility to adapt to changes in a fraction of the time, ensuring your operations continue to run smoothly no matter what the market throws at you.