Voice Directed Picking

How Voice Picking Works

Voice picking technologies make it easy to automate documentation and standard operating processes so information can flow freely from folks in the field, in the warehouse, and out on the floor, back to host systems like ERP, EMR, and WMS.

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We are Experts in Pick by Voice

Some of our clients even call us voice ninjas. That’s because we’ve helped hundreds of companies across the world–large, small and in between–get the most from their logistics automation investment in voice.

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Where Pick to Voice Adds Value

More and more companies in a wide variety of businesses — from retailers and distributors to manufacturers and healthcare organizations — are leveraging speech recognition and pick to voice technologies to make their teams more efficient, productive, ergonomic and accurate.

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Pick to Voice – RF Scanning – Pick to Light Solutions

Whether the goal of your logistics automation initiative is focused on increased operational efficiencies, improved order accuracy, or reduced labor costs, warehouse voice directed order picking systems and solutions are able to rapidly deliver results for your projected growth and increasing customer service requirements. In the continued quest for an optimally efficient and synchronized flow of product within the distribution center, much focus has rested on the automation of the labor-intensive task of order picking. Technology has primarily focused on three picking solutions: pick to voice, RF bar code scanning, and pick to light. The eyes-free, hands-free capabilities of an end to end custom voice solution from Mountain Leverage ensures our customers higher levels of business performance, increased worker safety and morale, a more transparent workflow for managers, and dramatically shortened training time. Further, by applying the voice picking experience from an ERP/WMS or homegrown inventory system out into a range of other assignments across the DC (such as receiving, loading, packing, replenishment, etc.), companies then extend the economic, productivity, accuracy, visibility and personnel benefits.

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Voice Delivers Quantifiable Value

  • Errors, inefficiencies, and costs decrease
  • Productivity, accuracy, throughput and quality improve
  • Employee ergonomics, safety, and morale improve
  • Compelling payback and ROI
  • Knowing productivity on an individual level, in real time

Today nearly 1 million workers are streamlining their workflows with Vocollect pick by voice solutions. In recognition of our commitment and expertise, for 2014 Vocollect has again awarded Mountain Leverage their highest honor in naming us to their Total Solution Provider Premier Partner Level.

ROI for Logistics Automation

Introducing Instant ROI

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In our recent “You Ask, We Test”, we tested voice recognition with a 5 year old. Watch what happens!

Latest News:

Meet “Voice Beyond”


With the launch of Voice Beyond, the distribution center fulfillment optimization expertise of Mountain Leverage will now be available throughout the EMEA region following the opening of their first European office in the UK.

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On Your Mark, Headset, Go! eBay Enterprise featured in Inbound Logistics

ebay Enterprise Inbound Logistics

GRAFTON, WV – April 29, 2015 – To increase fulfillment efficiency and order picking accuracy, eBay Enterprise partners with Mountain Leverage and gives its warehouse a voice.

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Our Promise to You

At Mountain Leverage, our mission is to ensure your supply chain is performing at its fullest potential. Our world class team of experts is focused on solving your most critical supply chain challenges. We use our knowledge and passion to develop a system that is customized to work best with your existing workflows. Our success with logistics automation comes down to these core commitments:

  • We promise to keep it simple and respect your time.
  • Tell us your pain points and we will fix them.
  • We won’t sell you something you don’t need.
  • We promise to fix your problems now, and plan for the future.
  • If you contact us, we promise to respond within the day.

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